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icon_300We can use our Android device (wherever they are) to connect and control your Ubuntu PC as a TV Remote and even more.

Imagine you want to turning down the noisy music but you are in another room of your house, or you left your PC turning on and your wife said to you: “Turn off the PC whether you aren’t using it and even worse you’re resting, cold or trying to sleep”.
Maybe your forget to ran something or cancel something in your PC.

That do you think if you can do this activities just using your android device wherever you are?.

You can do this and almost everything you can do in your PC.
This is my recomendation:

Install VNC server in your Ubuntu PC:

sudo apt-get install x11vnc

Put a password, you don’t want your neighbour access your machine, pictures or information. This password is used only by VNC connections:

x11vnc -storepasswd

Run the VNC service, it’s lightweight:

x11vnc -forever -xkb -usepw -display :0

If you want to run this command every time you startup your PC and gnome, just save this command in a file then click:

System -> System Preferences -> Startup Applications
or run gnome-session-properties
Click Add
Name: VNC
Command: <path-to-the-file>
Click Add
Click Close

Install some Android VNC Client from play market like VNC Viewer or akRDCFree.

Enjoy  !!!

Jorge Fernandes is Bachelor in Computer Science experienced in telecommunications, security, banking and programmer since 1984. He works in Valhala Networks focused on high-level decisions about scientific and technological policies and strategies of projects oriented to develop web and standalone applications, as well as smart solutions at mobiles. He always oriented to produce innovator products.